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Ela Carte’s review of Bijan Bar & Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur



Last week I let you in on the KL street food scene, so this week I thought I’d give you an option for a more formal night out, albeit still very much an affordable one.

Bijan came highly recommended to us, not a shiny sky bar nor a resident of those pumping touristy strips, it’s tucked away in a quieter KL street. D?cor is tasteful, tropical, and relaxed. Service isn’t quite what you’d expect in Melbourne ? it’s friendly enough, but runs on Malaysian time. But the food is great, it’s extremely good value, and there is almost too much of it to choose from.

The Mango salad was so cheap for a plate big enough to share between four.

The Mango salad was so cheap for a plate big enough to share between four.

Appetisers $3 – $7

Fried crispy golden spring rolls stuffed with vegetables

Fried potato patties filled with minced chicken and served with chill sauce

Delicate parcel of steamed minced meat & herbs wrapped within a layer of pancake & coconut gravy

Thereafter referred to as the spring rolls, potato cakes and dim sims. They were far more than that of course, and they were all glorious. We disagreed on which were our favourites, I was on the ‘dim sims’ but Ross’ vote was on the ‘potato cakes’.

Fried Eggplant topped with spicy chilli paste.

Fried Eggplant topped with spicy chilli paste.

Mains $10 – $30

We dug into:

Beef short ribs slow cooked in thick gravy of aromatic spices, toasted coconut, palm sugar & coconut milk – god I love short ribs ($23)

Free range village chicken simmered in spicy gravy of chilies, turmeric, kaffir lime and coconut milk (the key phrase here is ‘village chicken’, t wasn’t great, too many bones, not enough meat. ($13)

Mangrove snapper fillet & pea eggplant simmered in rich, spicy & aromatic curry ($20) – glorious!

Fried Eggplant topped with spicy chilli paste & shallots (average – $4)

Spicy & sour young mango salad tossed in blend of lime & chill dressing with torch ginger flower, ginger and peanuts ($4) – what a price for a plate big enough to share between four of us!

I was sure the beef short rib was going to be the winner, but the snapper pipped it at the post, I just loved.

Ela really loves short ribs!

Ela really loves short ribs!


And if you’re not heading to KL anytime soon, where can you get a taste of good Malaysian in Melbourne?

Mamak – Lonsdale St City

Laksa King – Flemington

Chef Lagenda – Flemington and Deer Park

Masak Ku – Camberwell

Chinta Ria Soul – St Kilda 

Papparich ? famous Malaysian chain that you can find at our major shopping centres including Doncaster, Chadstone, QV, Glen Waverley and Knox City.