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Eleven-year-old boy uses first aid training to save his pregnant mum’s life

An 11-year-old boy helped save his mum’s life by calling triple zero.

His pregnant mum was having violent convulsions, so Tommy sprang into action.

Neil Mitchell spoke with Tommy, who says he feels quite proud he was able to save her.

‘It got so bad we had to call triple zero.’ ? Tommy told 3AW Mornings.

Tommy relied on the first aid training he received at school.

His mum Renae says without a doubt Tommy saved her life.

She told Neil Mitchell – ‘I don’t know where I would have been?’

‘He does a lot of things that are beyond his years, and for that I’m proud of him.’

Renae says she looks forward to where he progresses in life.

St John’s Ambulance wants to have every primary school student first-aid trained by 2020.

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