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Emergency physician’s heartfelt message for all Victorians during COVID-19 crisis

An emergency physician on the coronavirus front line says the pandemic has had a huge impact on mental health, and he has shared a heartfelt message for all Victorians as the state struggles to cope with COVID-19.

Dr Stephen Parnis says the state government’s figure estimating a 33 per cent increase in self-harm incidents since the pandemic began is “conservative”.

He urged Victorians to take care of their mental health and said he regularly sees a psychologist himself.

“We are facing unprecedented stresses,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“It’s a hard slog at the moment.”

Neil Mitchell asked Dr Parnis what Victorians can do to help our front line workers.

He shared this message:

“Don’t succumb to the fear. Don’t succumb to the anger. Don’t succumb to denial,” he said.

“There’s no conspiracies going on here. Look after yourself and look after the people around you.

“Follow those regulations because, as painful as they are, they’re the only way to get this number down and to keep it down.

“When it’s a marathon it’s really hard to see the finish line.

“Take it easy on yourself and take it easy on each other. We shouldn’t be interested in finger-pointing at the moment.”

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