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Emergency Services Minister says Premier ‘misspoke’ about fire and flood property maintenance

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Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville says Premier Daniel Andrews provided incorrect information when he said Melburnians require fire prevention notices to travel to their regional properties to prepare them for fires and floods.

Currently, only those with fire prevention notices may travel to regional parts of the state for property maintenance.

But, from Thursday, a separate process will be in place for disaster preparations at regional properties.

Ms Neville says the Premier “misspoke” yesterday, when he suggested a fire prevention notice would be needed.

NEIL MITCHELL: “He said yesterday you can only go if you have a fire prevention notice.”

LISA NEVILLE: “He misspoke yesterday.”

NEIL MITCHELL: “This is really important to be clear, because people are sweating on it. Was the Premier wrong?”

LISA NEVILLE: “You do not need a fire prevention notice, no.”

NEIL MITCHELL: “So you can’t quite say he’s wrong, but he was wrong.”

“The information wasn’t correct yesterday”, Ms Neville said.

“We do have fire prevention notices, that is your legal excuse right now, and they’ll continue to operate, but this is a simpler process for both council and the public.”

From Thursday, Melburnians with property in regional Victoria can apply for approval to travel via the website for the regional council where they own property.

They must provide the reason for their request, date of travel, who will travel, and any contractors required.

Council will assess whether the property is in a bushfire or flood prone area.

Ms Neville says if all who are eligible for approval to travel to their regional properties to make them flood and fire safe apply on Wednesday, it will take 48 hours to issue permits.

If applications flow in more slowly, permits should be available within 24 hours.

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