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Emotional debate erupts live on-air over PTSD in police force

An emotional debate has erupted on 3AW Mornings over post-traumatic stress in the police force.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton admits Victoria Police has “broken a lot of people” in the past.

“It (PTSD) is a huge problem,” Mr Ashton told Neil Mitchell.

“Some of the stuff they’ve had to go through without the training, without the resilience training … we have broken a lot of people.

“There’s a lot of people suffering out there.

“We can’t leave that group behind.”

Those comments led to Steve calling in.

He said he’d been out of the force for 20 days and had received “basically no assistance, at all, from welfare”.

“It’s all spin,” he said.

“Vic Pol has abandoned people, thrown them on the scrap heap and done nothing.”

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Former inspector Kim West, who spent 46 years in the force, then rang in.

“The so-called ‘good old days’ weren’t the good old days,” he said.

“Members didn’t get assistance.

“It’s being done a lot better now and you know why? Because it’s being led from the top by the man in your studio.”

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