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End of the smoko? The debate about workplaces going completely smoke-free

Neil Mitchell

A debate has been raised about whether workplaces should ban smoking.

Researchers from Monash University have calculated the figures on the cost of smoking to the economy, including lost productivity.

As reported in the Courier Mail, the economic modelling predicted a cost of $388 billion over the course of the Australian population’s working lives.

Cancer Council Queensland has called for workplaces to consider going smoke-free, to improve health and increase productivity.

The problem is how do you cope with people who are addicted, do you stop them going somewhere out of that workplace? – Neil Mitchell

Public Health Association CEO Terry Slevin said ultimately encouraging people to quit in workplaces has been successful in driving down smoking rates in Australia.

But he doesn’t expect workers to be stopped from stepping out for a quick smoke.

“Ultimately we have been banning smoking in the workplace for a long time,” he said.

“Lots of organisations have gone smoke-free, most indoor workplaces have gone smoke free.

“The truth is we are going in the right direction.”

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Neil Mitchell