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Epidemiologist pushes to ditch hotel quarantine for low-risk travellers

A leading infectious diseases expert has urged Australia to reconsider the need for hotel quarantine for all returned travellers.

Professor Peter Collignon says continuing two week quarantine in hotels may not be necessary when travellers are coming from countries with low COVID-19 risk.

He says travellers returning from some low risk countries, including New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, could quarantine at home, or perhaps may not need to quarantine at all.

“We’re treating everybody the same at the moment and maybe we need a more nuanced approach,” he told Ross and Russel.

“For some of them, home quarantine with some electronic way of checking where they are.

“COVID isn’t going to go away, so we’re going to have this problem for the next year or two, or more. So if we want to do any travel we’re going to have to look at the implications.”

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