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Epidemiologist says Trump’s tweet about leaving hospital is ‘absolutely’ dangerous

A leading epidemiologist says Donald Trump’s tweet about his departure from hospital after three night’s battling COVID-19 is “absolutely” dangerous, and the US President is not yet out of the woods.

In the tweet announcing he will return to the White House, Mr Trump urged Americans “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life”.

A leading epidemiologist has warned Mr Trump’s tweet is sending the wrong message.

“He’s doing the sort of bare-chested Putin thing,” epidemiologist from the University of South Australia, Professor Adrian Esterman, told Neil Mitchell.

“People should be worried about it.

“It’s a really nasty virus.”

Professor Esterman said COVID-19 may still pose a serious risk to Mr Trump’s health, too.

“At seven to 10 days, someone who has been doing absolutely fine crashes, and it happens to a lot of people his age,” he said.

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But Central Committee Member of the Republican Party in Baltimore, Garry Collins, disagrees.

“He is a living, breathing example of winning against this virus,” he told Neil Michell.

“President Trump has really changed the conversation in a much needed way.

“We have seen a radical change in the momentum of COVID… we’re winning.”

Almost 210,000 Americans have died after contracting COVID-19.

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