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‘Erratic’ driver caught by police was breaking rules for ‘fish tank’

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A man who had driven across Melbourne to “buy a fish tank” for his frog is among the latest people fined by Victoria Police.

Police said they’d issued a total of 174 fines to individuals for breaching the Chief Health Officer’s directions since their last update.

More than 50 of those (55) were for breaches of curfew.

A man who was driving a vehicle “erratically” at Brimbank had travelled through “multiple suburbs” and beyond the 5 kilometre limit.

He told police the reason for him being out was to buy a fish tank for his pet frog.

Another man was caught reversing on the Calder Freeway to avoid a checkpoint.

He said he was going to a friend’s farm to help with their new baby goats.

A man sitting around at Upfield Railway Station after 8pm and not wearing a mask.

Frustratingly, he couldn’t provide a reason for being out and despite being aware of the curfew, stated he didn’t care.

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