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Euroa community rally to help find young girl’s $17,000 hearing aid

The Euroa community has come together, to help a young girl who’d lost her cochlear hearing aid.

Ellie was out playing cricket with her friends when she lost the $17,000 device.

Ellie’s mother Belinda tells 3AW’s Neil Mitchell she had only had it for a few weeks.

‘It helped her socialise with her friends and talk with her friends and in the classroom.

‘It helped her in life,’ says Belinda.

Tony Kubeil from the Euroa SES gathered a group together after seeing the post online.

He tells Neil they turned Ellie’s misfortune into a training exercise and found it.

‘It’s just something that SES does across the state.

‘We had a few people that were keen to have a go, and it’s all good!’ Tony tells 3AW Mornings.

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