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“Exciting and expensive”: New iPhone’s launched in California

Tech expert Trevor Long says the suite of new iPhone’s launched earlier this morning are “exciting and expensive” amid pricing concerns.

Apple held a keynote event in California on Thursday morning, where the tech giant launched the new iPhone XS and XR.

He told Neil the new phones are “pretty amazing” after attending the unveiling at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters in the United States.

“These phones will range in price from $1600 up to $2300, so they’re the most expensive iPhone’s we’ve ever had,” he said on 3AW Mornings.

“The cost of this style of leading technology is expensive, which is what happens when you become an early adopter.”

He said the price reflected the demand for “playing in the Apple space” but conceded pricing was exorbitant for a smartphone.

“You can get a lot of phones out there for $400 or $500 but they’re just not iPhone’s,” he said.

“It’s probably $50 or $100 more than the exchange rate we got last year and the cheapest phone is $200 more than we’ve usually had from Apple.

“The Aussie dollar didn’t help us this year.”

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