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Exclusive footage: Train tunnel leak raises safety conerns

Neil Mitchell has obtained footage of water gushing inside a Melbourne train tunnel.

The video was filmed by a concerned train driver.

3AW Mornings has been told the leak is about 200m from Parliament station, inside the Clifton Hill loop.

The vision comes four years after Metro talked about spending $15 million to seal leaks that were eroding concrete.

But in response today, Metro issued a statement saying it was not unusual activity.


The City Loop was designed and constructed as a ‘drained tunnel’, which means it is built to accommodate incoming storm and ground water by directing it to an internal spoon drain beneath the track which flows down to pumping stations.

Incoming water is then pumped out of the tunnel into the surface stormwater drainage system.

Metro closely monitors and regular maintains the City Loop infrastructure.

Transport Minister Jacinta Allan and drivers union boss Luba Grigorovitch were unavailable for comment all morning.

Neil wasn’t impressed.

‘I will not be patted on the head and told everything is alright, nothing to see here,’ he said.

‘Four years ago they talked about spending $15 million on leaks.

‘If they’re not a big issue, why did they spend $15 million?

‘If they did spend the money, why has it come back?’

Click play to hear Neil Mitchell talk with Shadow Transport Minister David Hodgett, who says the video footage needs to be investigated