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EXCLUSIVE: James Hird’s father Allan opens up on 3AW about his son’s battles

James Hird’s father has launched a scathing attack on the AFL, Essendon, ASADA and Gillard Government during a passionate defence of his embattled son.

Allan Hird Jr got in contact with 3AW following his son’s well-documented medical scare last week.

In an exclusive interview with 3AW Mornings, Mr Hird revealed;

  • His son was ‘fine’ after being rushed to hospital and would bounce back.
  • He accused the federal government, AFL, Essendon and ASADA of using James as a scapegoat.
  • He claims his son was going to be sacked as coach of the Bombers in October 2014 but was saved by a ‘deluge’ of messages from supportive fans.
  • Mr Hird said James told him he couldn’t trust those who ran the club at that time.
  • He also said he was determined to push for a Senate enquiry into the handling of the Essendon supplements saga.
  • He said his son’s only mistake was trusting the wrong people.

Mr Hird, who also played for the Bombers, said his son had his unwavering support.

‘He’s my son,’ he told Tony Jones.

‘He’s got my undying love and it lasts forever.

‘You just do what you can.’

A stoic Mr Hird said he was confident the truth about what happened during the saga would eventually come out.

‘It won’t go away ? there’s too much of a smell around it,’ he said.

‘I’ve lost my football club and I’ve lost the game I love and I want to get them back.’

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