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Exclusive: Neil Mitchell interviews man who hates Australia and wants to leave – but can’t

Kadir Kaya hates Australia.

He hates our values. He hates what we stand for.

Kadir was born in Melbourne, and his parents migrated to Australia from Turkey when they were children.

Kadir now wants to move to Turkey, but the Australian government has suspended his passport because they consider him a threat.

‘I’ve been trying tell them ‘Let me out’, and they’re basically keeping me here in prison,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

Neil Mitchell: You’re not in jail though, you’re out in the community.
Kadir Kaya: Yeah it’s an open-air prison.

Click play to listen to Neil Mitchell’s exclusive interview with Kadir Kaya

NEIL MITCHELL: The reason I’m broadcasting this – and I had a long think about it – is because I think it gives us an insight into the way a person can be disenchanted, disenfranchised and open to radicalisation.