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EXCLUSIVE: Neil Mitchell reveals threat against Dandenong Police Station

EXCLUSIVE: Victoria Police is investigating a threat against one of its members and a suburban station.

Neil Mitchell revealed on 3AW Mornings a warning notice had been placed on the walls of Dandenong Police Station alerting officers about the matter.

A teenage gang member has reportedly threatened to shoot a specific police officer.

She is now on stress leave and being treated for anxiety.

The notice says the teen responsible for the threat is from a gang called ‘APEX’, a group which police say has a ‘proven ability’ to act violently and possess firearms.

The gang is being investigated over its links to several aggravated burglaries and car thefts across Melbourne.

Patrick Rampal is the father of the officer who has been threatened and said his daughter was struggling.

He also hit out at how the situation had been handled by Victoria Police.

‘The first six weeks – nothing was done about it,’ he said on 3AW Mornings.

‘She got to a stage where she could not even drive to work.

‘Eventually she was in such a state, I suggested to put in a claim to Workcover. On that claim form, it was noted the failure of the employer to provide a safe workplace

‘As soon as they heard this, they sent someone to do a security audit on her house.’

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Police have since confirmed the teen responsible for the threat is in custody, however, there are fears an attack could be carried out by another gang member.

Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill told Neil Mitchell police weren’t concerned about an imminent attack.

He said the notice was simply a precautionary measure to make officers aware.

‘We take these matters very seriously,’ he said.

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