EXCLUSIVE: Off-duty paramedic suffers 15cm gash to her chest after alleged knife attack


An off-duty paramedic has suffered a 15cm gash to her chest after allegedly being attacked by a man Ambulance Victoria believes may have previously been her patient.

The female paramedic was off-duty, but in uniform, on her way home from work in Rosebud on Friday night when she the incident occurred.

The woman was buckling her two young children, aged just four and six, into the back seat of her car when she a man approached her from behind.

Tahlia* told Neil Mitchell at first she thought it was a friend hugging her.

“Then I realised the hand was trying to find my neck, I pulled their arm down and looked up and that’s when they got me,” she said.

“I feel scared, shocked and disappointed, I have a lot of emotions running at the moment.

“I think I may have treated him in the past.”

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Ambulance Victoria CEO, Tony Walker described the attack as ‘horrendous’.

“She’s been assaulted by someone who we think we may have treated as a patient in the past,” Tony said.

“Who’s reached in behind her in the car and basically slashed her chest with a knife.”

“For that to happen in front of her kids, it’s absolutely abhorrent.

“It’s just disgusting.”

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Ambulance Victoria responded to the incident and the paramedic was treated at the scene and then transported to Peninsula Health.

*Not her real name