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Exclusive: Shane Martin tells Neil Mitchell he’s a victim of his son’s success


Shane Martin has told Neil Mitchell he believes the Australian Government is making an example of him because of his high-profile son, Richmond star Dustin Martin.

Martin has been deported and banned from Australia in light of a criminal record and links to the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday said he was proud of the stance.

But Martin thinks he’s a victim of his son’s profile.

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Neil Mitchell: Why do you think they’ve gone after you? Is it because of Dustin’s high-profile?

Shane Martin: Definitely. What better person to make an example of?

“No one has mentioned that my son went to Afghanistan for Malcolm Turnbull and the people of the public,” Mr Martin added.

As well as drug and assault charges, Martin has been kicked based on secret information from police and intelligence agencies.

Neil Mitchell: Do you know what this secret evidence is?

Shane Martin: I’ve got no idea, mate. But if they have, bring it out. I’ve got nothing to hide.

On his charges: “The charges I’ve had have been amped up to make them look worse than they are.”

On the Rebels: “I came from a broken family, looking for a brotherhood … it’s not like the media make it out to be. We’re just normal people like yourself.”

Martin vowed to keep trying to get back into Australia, which was his home for 30 years.

“I’ve never given up,” he said.

“(It’s the) first time in my life I’ve even been happy in 50 years, and then this happens.”