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EXCLUSIVE: Victoria’s speed camera commissioner concerned by cruise control accuracy


Victoria’s speed camera commissioner has written to all the major car manufacturers expressing concern about the accuracy of cruise control.

It has prompted an investigation into the accuracy of cameras on Peninsula Link.

In a letter obtained by 3AW Mornings, commissioner John Voyage requested information about the cruise control systems.

‘A very significant number, perhaps a majority, of motorists who have complained in the media and to my office have asserted they had their cruise control systems engaged at the time the alleged infringements were detected,’ the letter read.

Neil Mitchell spoke with Mr Voyage on Tuesday morning to find out more.

He said he is looking into every possible reason for why drivers might be hit with a speeding fine despite running on cruise control, including driver error.

‘You’d imagine that if people are staying on cruise control the whole way, the point-to-point and instantaneous cameras should have similar graphs of the speeds that people are travelling through at,’ Mr Voyage said.

‘But they’re not quite the same. There is a difference.

‘It would suggest that people are disengaging their cruise control.’

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