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Experts say this is Melbourne’s new snake capital

Experts say long-time snake hot spot Diamond Creek has been overtaken as Melbourne’s snake capital.

Greensborough is the new home of slithering suckers, Ross and John were told this morning.

“I catch a lot of snakes all around the north and north-east of Melbourne,” Mark Pelley — aka The Snake Hunter — told Ross and John.

“In Greensborough there seems to be an increasing number of snakes, and when I look at how snakes I catch, it’s certainly overtaken Diamond Creek.”

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Two callers later told Ross and John of two recent snake tales.

John in East Doncaster caught a baby Tiger snake in his kitchen last night.

Meanwhile, Paul said a 1.5m Copperhead “rounded up my wife” at Macclesfield last week.

“There’s definitely more snake stories lately,” Ross said.

“So either the media has just decided to cover more snake stories, or there’s more snakes out there.”