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F1 superstar Daniel Ricciardo discusses the big picture with Donna Demaio


Aussie Formula one driver Daniel Ricciardo may continue his whacky tradition and drink from his shoe if he gets a podium finish at this Sunday’s big race at Albert Park.

He says it’s best to drink while the champagne is still cold, because when it warms up it takes on a different flavour. 

The amiable chap is aiming for a win but first will appear at various events and functions around Melbourne this week.

The 27 year old attended a cocktail party for Tag Heuer at The Glasshouse in Richmond, where he faced off in a mini drone race against other sports stars including Scott Pendlebury, Anthony Minichello, Ed Jenkins, Mark Bresciano, Archie Thompson and Lydia Lassila.

He also stopped for a chat with Donna Demaio – to discuss  the ‘big picture’.

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