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Facebook party that attracted 20,000 people will likely be cancelled

An Facebook event that went viral will likely be cancelled.

Clint White wanted to replicate an Australia Day beach party of last year, but the online event he created has since attracted over 20,000 people. 

‘Last year it was a really inclusive, safe, enjoyable experience,’ Mr White told Tony Jones on Friday.

‘When it goes to this sort of magnitude, the chance for bad behaviour exacerbates.’

Mr White said it would be a good idea to cancel the event.

He said it goes to show that Facebook can be ‘a very powerful medium.’ 

Tony said he was impressed Clint was brave enough to put up his hand and admit the situation was out of control.

‘You’re just a really switched on kid… I honestly thought we were about to talk to a ratbag.’

But there is still hope for those looking for an actual Australia Day event.

One 3AW listener called in to let people know ‘someone called Fatboy Slim’ is also organising a party in St Kilda.

For the record, this is some of Fatboy Slim’s work: