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Facebook’s cracking down on infamous nudie photo of Burt Reynolds

The infamous photo of Burt Reynolds posing for Cosmopolitan’s centrefold in the 1970s has been deemed inappropriate content and taken down from Facebook.

And it got Ross and John thinking, how does a photo like this get taken down so quickly?

A late addition to the Rumour File reported the photo, posted on a private account from a 3AW staff member to honour the late actor, was removed.

Buzzfeed tech editor Josh Taylor explained how the social media giant is alerted to posts deemed offensive.

Interestingly, he said he didn’t believe the photo in question breached the strict guidelines the company released for the first time last month.

Ross: How do they know what to remove, do they have a flesh-coloured algorithm?!

“More often than not when this happens it’s from a user who has seen this and thought I’m offended by this and requests for Facebook to remove it,” Taylor said.

“More often than not, Facebook will take it down, review it and it finds its within the guidelines it will put it back up.”

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