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Fake crimes scenes and bogus booze buses: The lengths police go to thwart bikie gang violence

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Sensational details have emerged about the lengths police have gone to foil attempted hits and drive-by shootings involving outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The Herald Sun revealed police set up fake crime scenes and bogus booze-bus sites to scare off bikies after they were alerted to possible hits.

The operation reportedly focused on The Last Kings, an offshoot of the Comanchero gang.

“It’s not unusual,” Jim Keogh, a retired bikie-busting police superintendent, told 3AW Breakfast.

“Really, it’s about disrupting what activity is going to take place and in this case it was going to be a drive-by shooting.”

He said the key to successfully policing outlaw motorcycle gangs was careful management.

“You’ve got to be a realist – it will never go away,” Mr Keogh said.

“It’s greed, gain and ego that drives these gangs and they will always continue.

“The demand, based on unfortunately Australia’s drug problem, continues to grow and so similarly does the bank roll of these outlaw motorcycle gangs.”

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