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Falling signs: Eastlink investigating after driver hit

EastLink are investigating after a sign smashed into a driver’s 4WD on Thursday afternoon.

“Overnight we called in engineers to start the investigation at the sign’s original location and assess similar signs on the ramp as well to verify there is no problems with their structure,” the spokesman for EastLink, Doug Spencer-Roy told 3AW Mornings.

“All of our signs are inspected regularly, in fact this sign, it’s last visual inspection was just last month and it’s last engineering inspection was in September.”

The driver involved in the near miss, Andrew spoke to 3AW Drive after the incident.

“Basically I looked death in the eyes,” Andrew told Tom Elliott.

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EastLink are investigating whether the sign was hit by another vehicle prior to falling.

“Unfortunately we don’t have CCTV footage of such an incident or indeed of the sign falling,” Mr Spencer-Roy from EastLink told Tony Jones.

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