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Family discovers son’s memorial removed by council on anniversary of his death

The family of a man who died at Bells Beach have discovered on the anniversary of his death the plaque in honour of their son has been removed by the council.

Three years since her son Brett’s death, Helen Marsh turned up to the spot where he died to find the memorial gone.

His brother called 3AW Breakfast’s Rumour File and said they were ‘unimpressed’ with the council removing it.

‘We organised a rock and  stainless steel small plaque to go onto the rock,’ he said.

‘The rock stayed into the garden no one could hardly see it. My mum and dad went down there yesterday to Bells Beach for the anniversary.

‘The rock’s gone, the plaque’s gone.’

Later, Ms Marsh said the council told them there was a decision to remove the plaques from the area.

‘We were down there this time last year, we have been down each time just as a memorial,’ she said.

‘We go down each time as a memorial, we go down from home to just reflect on what happened and remember our son.’

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