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Family left fearing for safety as police fail to turn up to attempted home invasion

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A Point Cook family has been left horrified and fearing for their safety after police failed to turn up following an attempted home invasion.

Paul was at home with his wife, sleeping, in the early hours of Sunday morning when they were woken by the sound of somebody trying to break into their front door.

Naturally, they called Triple Zero.

They were told to barricade themselves inside the house.

The offenders failed to gain entry, turning their interest to cars outside.

Police never turned up.

Paul called again and was told police would call him back.

They said they were busy dealing with other incidents.

They haven’t heard from police since.

“We were frightened and beside ourselves,” Paul told Neil Mitchell.

“It’s the third night now that we’ve hardly slept a wink.”

Victoria Police contacted Paul last night and told him a miscommunication between police and the emergency call centre was responsible for their failure to attend his property.

Acting Superintendent James Dalton said police received two calls from Paul.

Superintendent Dalton said Paul indicated in the first call that he did not want police to visit his home, but police were at the scene in two minutes and patrolled the area in two unmarked cars for half an hour.

After the second call another police vehicle went back to the scene and patrolled the area, but the emergency call centre operator mistakenly believed Paul did not want police to visit his home.

Superintendent Dalton admitted police should have checked on the welfare of Paul and his wife.

“Yes, we should have attended,” he said.

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