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Family members upset as cats left $20,000 in will

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Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it turns out so might greed.

There are fears for the safety of two cats now in protection, after their late owner left the pets $20,000 in her will.

The Herald Sun reports that some family members are unhappy with the amount of money bequeathed to the felines.

Other cat-friendly family members have now taken it upon themselves to hide the cats to prevent any foul play.

Paul Beasant, senior associate from Rigby Cooke lawyers, said it was quite common for people to leave money behind for the care of their pet.

‘You can leave money to a pet but a pet isn’t a beneficiary per se,’ he told Ross and John.

‘But you can’t say I give $10,000 to my cat and then the money gets paid directly to the cat.

‘Obviously it can’t do anything directly with the funds.

‘But the law does recognise certain instances where for example a trust arrangement arises where the money is given for the care, welfare or benefit of a pet for example.’

Mr Beasant said there could be ramifications if a pet that had been left money was killed.

‘[If] someone does that to prevent the provision of the will coming into effect than the court has the power to take that into account as to how they distribute the estate.’