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Family witness a woman being assaulted in Geelong, say police never attended

A family who saw a man bashing a woman on the side of a road in Geelong want to know why police never showed up, despite two triple-0 calls.

Vince and his partner were driving to Batesford with two children on Sunday morning when they came across a car parked on the side of Staceys Road in Anakie.

‘We witnessed the female laying on the floor in a fetal position with a male over the top of her belting into her,’ he told Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings.

He immediately called triple-0 to report the assault but half an hour later, no police had arrived. 

After Vince had pulled over near the car, he said the man stopped attacking the woman but the pair continued to verbally argue.

Vince called triple-0 a second time with no luck. He said he waited for over an hour but police and ambulance did not arrive. 

Eventually the man and woman left the car behind – which Vince said had no number plates – and walked away from the scene.

3AW Mornings has asked Victoria Police to respond to the allegations.

LISTEN: Vince tells Neil Mitchell what happened