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Farmer fearing for his family’s safety clashes with antagonistic animal activist

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A fiery stoush has erupted on 3AW Mornings over a controversial website that lists the addresses of Australian farms.

Animal activist Matt, who doesn’t want his name made public due to safety fears, is part of the group that’s behind the website.

At one point he referred to farms as concentration camps for animals.

Tom has a farm in regional Victoria that’s on the list.

His family is fearing for their safety.

Matt said “the last thing” the group wanted was to cause anybody harm.

“(But) any discomfort his family may be feeling is totally insignificant compared to he suffering that he’s probably causing the animals he keeps on the farm and profits from,” Matt said.

Tom said that was “absolutely wrong”.

“What a joke,” he said.

“I invite anybody to come out to our farm and see how we look after our animals.”

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