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Farmer’s blunt message in protest against ‘ridiculous’ power line plan


A farmer has taken to a paddock with a tractor in protest against power lines being built on his property.

Myrniong farmer, Peter Muir, says the power lines will ruin his property and they pose a significant fire risk.

“It just completely ruins the farm,” he told Ross and John.

“It’s terrible … it goes, at the most, two or three kilometres from the Wombat State Forest.

“It’s very hard for firefighters to get there to put it out, no CFA crew is going to put their crew underneath one of the power lines too because they’re an ignition point as well.

“These ignition points will stop people from getting out of the bush or stop people getting in the bush during a fire.”

Mr Muir said he’s been told AusNet, the energy company which wants to put up the power lines, can erect them up without permission if they’re considered an essential service.

“The whole idea is so ridiculous that you can’t believe anybody would think of it.”

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