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Father Frank Brennan takes aim at ‘outrageous’ claims from Tony Abbott

A priest who is friends with Tony Abbott says he’s disappointed with some ‘outrageous’ claims the former Prime Minister made about border protection during a speech in England.

Mr Abbott used a speech in London to call on Europe’s leaders to close their borders to asylum seekers or risk harming their nations.

Father Frank Brennan, Professor of Law At Australian Catholic University, said on 3AW Drive he was shocked to hear Mr Abbott say Australia’s detention centres were ‘all but’ closed.

‘You don’t go using loose language like that,’ he told Tom Elliott.

‘I think it’s outrageous.

‘Try telling that to the people on Nauru, or Manus Island.

‘If Tony Abbott thinks they’re all but closed, then why not close them?’

The priest also said Mr Abbott should not have brought religion into the debate.

He said he’d be speaking with him when he got a chance.

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