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Father of Paris attack survivor calls for immigration discussion in Australia

Australia needs to have a frank and open discussion about Muslim immigration, says the father of a Melbourne woman who survived the Paris terror attacks.

Michael Doran’s daughter, Sophie, was at the Bataclan concert hall when gunmen stormed the venue.

Sophie laid on the ground and pretended to be dead to survive. Her friend laying beside her was shot and injured. 

The attacks prompted Michael to ask a question on ABC’s QandA program last night. He asked the panel how Australia can ensure newly arrived migrants have a clear understanding of the country’s norms and values.

He told Neil Mitchell he felt the need to speak out after what his daughter had been through.

 ‘My view is that if normal people, whatever that means, don’t speak out then all you have is the loony right and their arguments are easily dismissed.’

‘Being 62, I’ve lived through all the waves of  immigration in Australia and I can’t remember anything like the schism we’ve got now and the aggression.’ 

‘The sad part is that whenever we talk about it, it’s just dismissed as racism or rednecks or whatever but there are issues we need to resolve if we are going to have a harmonious society that is strong enough to withstand the hatred that is pedalled by the lunatics.’

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