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Fears that Labor’s solar pledge could hurt those that need help

A welfare advocate and energy expert fears Daniel Andrews’s solar panel promise could hurt the people it’s meant to help.

In an election pledge made via Facebook this morning, the Premier announced rebates would be given to 60,000 households that install solar hot water systems.

“Forget Donald Trump and his tweets, it’s government by Facebook.”
– Neil Mitchell

The $60 million, 10-year program is aimed at houses that can’t support solar panels because of their roof design of because of shade in the area.

It’s available to owner-occupiers with properties worth up to $3 million and incomes of up to $180,000.

“The big energy companies won’t like this one bit,” Mr Andrews said on Facebook.

But St Vincent de Paul energy expert Gavin Dufty said the disadvantaged could be hurt.

“I think what you’ll see is that everyone fortunate enough to have a house and the readies to participate in the scheme will do very well out of it,” he said.

“However, others who don’t have those opportunities will probably end up paying more.”