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Fed up Mornington Peninsula resident sends a message to lazy dog owners

Dee Dee has noticed more dog poo left on footpaths, nature strips and in parks in her area during lockdown.

And she’s not alone.

The Geelong Advertiser reports more than 4000 pieces of dog faeces were left on one stretch of beach in Ocean Grove in the first half of 2020.

Mount Eliza woman, Jackie, said she’s noticed the problem in her area too, and one fed up resident is taking a stand against lazy dog owners who aren’t picking up their pet’s poo.

“Someone, very diligently, is writing ‘lazy dog owner’ and putting a sign right next to the dump,” she told Dee Dee.

“They’re all along Mount Eliza Way!

“It’s obviously upsetting some people!”

Failing to pick up dog droppings can carry a fine of up to $250, depending on which council you’re in.

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