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Federal government moves to thwart Victoria’s Belt and Road deal with China

The Morrison Government is set to legislate to tear up Victoria’s Belt and Road agreement with China.

The Foreign Relations Bill, which will be introduced to Parliament next week, is expected to ban a slew of other deals with foreign governments which the are found to be against Australia’s national interest.

It would give Foreign Minister Marise Payne the power to review or cancel existing or future deals with foreign countries.

Ms Payne says the federal government has already found 135 state and territory arrangements with 30 different foreign countries, which will be investigated.

“We want to make sure is that the arrangements into which they enter are consistent in terms of how they deal with foreign governments, that they take a national perspective, it’s in our national interest and in line with Australia’s foreign policy,” she told Ross and Russel.

The bill will also extend to universities.

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Image: David Cheskin – PA Images