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Federal Government set to make animals go without cosmetics

The world of makeup is about to change. 

Thousands of cosmetics, including perfume, toothpaste and makeup, will be banned from stores after the Federal Government pledged to outlaw the sale of all products tested on animals.

Neil Mitchell spoke to Hannah Stuart from animals rights group Humane Research on Friday.

She was involved in the lobbying effort for this ban 

Ms Stuart told Neil people’s safety would not be jeopardised if animal testing ceased, but Liberal Democrats Senator and veterinarian David Leyonhjelm has a different view.

‘At the end of the day no matter how good your laboratory testing is, no matter how good your tissues cultures are, you are still dealing with living organisms,’ he said. 

‘They don’t behave in animals or people exactly as they do in tissue culture. There is no substitute for testing the real thing.’ 

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