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Federal minister slams Daniel Andrews for ‘unwarranted and unnecessary’ aged care criticism

Australia’s Aged Care Minister has hit out at Premier Daniel Andrews over his comments criticising how private aged care providers have handled the coronavirus pandemic.

Announcing today’s figures and the suspension of elective surgeries, Mr Andrews said he wouldn’t want his own family to be living in some of the state’s nursing homes.

“I would not let my mum be in some of these places. I just wouldn’t,” he said.

Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck slammed the comments as “unwarranted and unnecessary”.

“I was a bit disappointed with some of the comments the Premier made earlier in the day about aged care,” he told Tom Elliott.

“Everyone that I know in aged care is working really hard.

“It doesn’t need that sort of response from one of the country’s leaders at a time like this, when they’re all under enormous pressure.”

It comes as the federal government called on the Victorian government to assist in its response to COVID-19 outbreaks in aged care.

“It’s going to take the resources of both of us,” Mr Colbeck said.

There are currently 769 active COVID-19 cases in Victorian aged care homes.

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Image (Richard Colbeck): Rohan Thomson / Getty