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Female only parking being to be introduced in Perth

How’s this for an idea… ‘Female friendly’ parking.

Yes, you read that right.

Why not? We’ve already got spots for parents and the elderly..

Now pink parking for women has been introduced by The City of Perth.

They’ll be closer to the entrance and exits, have better lighting and extra CCTV.

Acting Chief Executive Martin Mileham spoke with 3AW Mornings host Tony Jones.

Tony thinks it’s unnecessary and asks Martin – ‘Safety would be the only consideration here wouldn’t it?’ –

Martin says safety is only one component – ‘It’s about sending a message to the public that these particular bays have been purposed in that way’ 

Listener Peter says he’s a gay man – ‘What about gay only parking?’.

The new parking bays open to the public on Monday. 

Click PLAY below to listen to Tony Jones discusses the new parking spaces with Martin Mileham