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Female-only ride share service set to launch in Victoria

The first female-only ride sharing service is about to launch in Victoria. 

‘Shebah’ will have female-only drivers, and accept all female passengers, boys up until the age of 12, and sons travelling with their mums up until the age of 18. 

Neil Mitchell says there is an underlying of ‘discrimination’ in it.

But founder George McEnroe says it is a safe service for women and a way of getting hem ‘into the transport sector.’ 

When it comes to monitoring who orders the service, she says they have ‘some unique gender identifiers.’

‘People log on with their Facebook page so we can see who they are when they download the app,’ George told Neil. 

‘If a driver turns up and there is a couple, we just cancel the fare and they get charged the cancellation fee.’

The service is expected to be here in the next two weeks. 

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