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Festive seizing: Police make bumper ‘12 days of Christmas’ bust

Police have been led to a bumper bust of drugs and weapons after arresting a man in Melbourne’s south-east.

The man, 30, was arrested at Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre yesterday afternoon as part of Operation Paver, an investigation into gun and drug trafficking.

They went on to execute warrants at properties in Hampton Park, Dandenong South and Springvale.

Ross and John noted the fruits of police’s labour looked like a criminal shopping list version of popular carol, 12 Days Of Christmas.

Police seized a:

1) Sawn-off double-barrel shot gun;

2) Smith and Wesson handgun;

3) An alleged commercial quantity of meth-amphetamine;

4) Alleged GHB;

5) In excess of $50,000 of cash;

6) Five allegedly stolen vehicles;

7) A quantity of explosives;

8) Large assortment of firearm ammunition;

9) Alleged traffickable quantity of cannabis;

10) Seven sets of cloned Victorian registration plates;

11) A set of knuckle dusters; and,

12) Documents related to alleged criminal offending

Seven News reporter Paul Dowsley later called to suggest it was a ‘festive seizing’, and we liked that enough to steal it for our headline.

Click PLAY to hear Ross and John sing their criminal version of the 12 Days Of Christmas.