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FINA takes action against Mack Horton over podium protest as re-match looms


Swimming’s governing body has taken action against Mack Horton after his podium protest at the world titles.

Both Horton and Swimming Australia have been served with an official warning from FINA, the world’s governing body of swimming.

It comes after the 23-year-old refused to take the podium when he finished second in the 400 metre freestyle event at the world titles.

He was protesting against the winner, convicted drug cheat Sun Yang, who is facing an appeal after escaping sanction for smashing a doping sample.

The two swimmers are expected to go head-to-head again this week in the 800 metre freestyle final.

Yesterday, Horton’s father Andrew told 3AW Breakfast the protest was “respectful” and for the good of the sport.

“Mack, like so many in the sport, would just like consistency in the approach to the testing regime,” he told 3AW Breakfast.

“I think he was frustrated and disappointed, as so many of the athletes are, that this issue has tagged along into world championships.”

Mr Horton said his son’s stance had “absolutely” caused consternation in China “but I think it’s really important that we’re very much on the record that this is all to do about the process of swimming and ensuring there’s a fair process of swimming”.

“It’s not a commentary about China, we have huge respect for China.

“This is about ensuring that there are systems and processes in the sport that keep the sport clean.”

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(Image: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)