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Fines Victoria patch-up bill blows out from $5 million to $16 million

The State Government’s patch-up bill to fix Fines Victoria has blown out from an initial $5 million to a whopping $16 million.

It’s an issue 3AW Mornings has been reporting since the beginning of the year, when the Attorney General appeared on the program and told Neil Mitchell the government would fork out $5 million in an attempt to fix the “broken” system.

Senior Producer Heidi Murphy told Neil Mitchell that figure has since ballooned, with no guarantee the fix has solved the issues plaguing the system.

“It was a whole new system, a new contractor, new back office staff dealing with all the fines,” Heidi said.

“They we running really late with issuing fines.

“We’ve discovered that repair bill overnight, has blown out to $16 million.

“And we still don’t know if it has been entirely fixed.

“Sherrifs are meant to action one million warrants in a year, in the past financial year they did barely one third of that.”

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“Who’s accountable for this??” Neil said.

“The implications of this, people have been driving who shouldn’t have been driving, fines have gone out months and months late, and people would get on the phone and try to pay the fine, and can’t.”

The Attorney General’s department has referred 3AW to the Department of Justice for comment.

Shadow Attorney General John Pesutto told Neil it’s a”fiasco”.

“The problem is the government isn’t telling us what’s going on,” Mr Pesutto said.

“We don’t know if we’ve perhaps got hundreds of thousands of Victorians who are in breach of orders.

“People haven’t been held accountable.”

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