Fines Victoria “very happy” with transition to new system despite reports of errors


Fines Victoria has no qualms with their performance.

The department is a new incarnation of Civic Compliance Victoria, enabling streamlined administration of fines issued by police, courts, and other bodies.

It’s a big shift, with over 21 million fines being moved from the old system to the new.

And there appear to have been several glitches as a result of the transition.

Neil Mitchell has heard from listeners about issues relating to the transition, including:

  • Murray: Says the office cannot send out a letter about his friend’s driver’s licence status.
  • Pam: A refund she is due cannot be issued.
  • Mark: His direct debit has stopped.

But the department’s Deputy Secretary Ryan Phillips said they haven’t received any formal complaints.

“We’re very happy with how things are going so far,” Mr Phillips said.

“The vast majority of calls have related to regular business as usual.”

But Neil doesn’t think the department can gloss over the issues experience by people like Murray, Pan, and Mark.

“These aren’t complexities of the system. These are errors,” he said.

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