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Fire Fight organiser not impressed with Celeste Barber swipes

One of the organisers of the Fire Fight Australia fundraising concert says he believes the political messaging was “too much”.

The gig’s host, comedian Celeste Barber, took several swipes at the nation’s leaders over the course of the evening (including the T-shirt pictured above), which provoked the ire of many viewers.

Chief executive of TEG, which put on the show, Geoff Jones says more than $10 million was raised and there were strong TV ratings of about 1.5 million nationally.

But he told Neil Mitchell he could have done without the politics.

“I’m not an advocate of political messaging like that,” Jones said.

“If I was absolutely frank, it was a bit too much.

“It’s not what we stand for, we stand for absolute inclusiveness and just doing and trying to get people to have a great day.”

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Meanwhile, Barber is also in a multi-million dollar legal battle.

An online donation hub set up by the comedian during the bushfires accrued an incredible $51 million, but she’s not happy with how the money is being used.

Her online post said all money would go to the NSW RFS, which can only use the money on equipment.

But she wants it spent on victims.

“I think she’s well-meaning, but she’s gone off half-cocked,” Neil Mitchell said, sentiments echoed by charity experts.

(Photo by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images)