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Firefighters Union ‘won’t forgive’ Victorian Government as pay dispute heats up

The head of the Victorian fire fighters union says its members ‘will not forgive’ the Andrews Government as the state braces itself for more industrial action from emergency services.

Negotiations on the CFA agreement collapsed this afternoon, with the United Firefighters Union accusing the government of re-negging on pre-election promises.

The Fair Work Commission will be asked to try and resolve the dispute through conciliation talks.

Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett said the union was not ‘operating in reality’ and that pay demands of 30 per cent cannot be met.

But Peter Marshall, secretary of the UFU, told Tom Elliott that number wasn’t correct.

‘They can throw around the 30 per cent figure and they can try and demonise firefighters, but the facts will come through on this,’ he told Tom Elliott on 3AW Drive.

‘I think you’ll find the Andrews’ government will not be forgiven by firefighters, even after this dispute is finished.

‘And it will be a protracted one.’

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Tom Elliott asked Mr Marshall what figure was correct, but he refused to answer.

‘I’m not going to negotiate wages over the radio, but I can tell you all unequivocally the 30 per cent figure is no more than spin and the minister knows that,’ he said.

Ms Garrett said Mr Marshall needed to ‘take a breath’ and called for calm.

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