First aid products top Australia’s most trusted brands list

First aid brands have dominated the 2019 Reader’s Digest’s Most Trusted brands list.

Five first aid brands, Dettol, Band-Aid, Betadine, Elastoplast and Panadol, are among the top ten most trusted brands in Australia, according to the annual survey on brand trust.

Kathy Buchanan, Senior Editor at Readers Digest Magazine, told 3AW’s Tom Elliott trust often comes from inter-generational use of a product.

“There’s the legacy aspect, people grew up with it in their homes and they now have it,” she said.

“Mum had it, and now with the grand kids she uses it with them as well and she knows that she can turn to it and trust it, and everyone will be okay with her using it.”

Last year Band-Aid was Australia’s most trusted brand, followed by Dettol.

Vegemite was voted as Australia’s most iconic brand, the Cancer Council was the nation’s most trustee charity, and Toyota the the most trusted car company.


  1. Dettol
  2. Band-aid
  3. Vegemite
  4. Qantas
  5. Betadine
  6. Energizer
  7. Elastoplast
  8. Panadol
  9. Colgate
  10. Bunnings

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