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Praise for ‘extraordinary’ Aussie doctor’s role in Thai rescue mission

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They’re all out!

In truly amazing news, all 12 Thai boys and their 25-year-old soccer coach have been safely rescued from the cave.

They spent more than two weeks trapped underground.

Some are being treated for understandable poor health, however, they are all alive and out.

Seven reporter Chris Reason spoke to Tony Jones on 3AW Mornings and described it as a fairytale ending.

“This is about a good a news story as you can get,” he said.

“It brings the world together, a lovely moment last night.”

The boys are in quarantine in hospital while they recover from the ordeal.

Adelaide doctor Richard Harris was at the pointy end of the operation, in the cave with the boys every day playing a pivotal role in extracting the boys.

The anesthetist is an experienced cave diver.

“He was the man who decided which one would go in what order, which one was healthy enough to go,” he said.

“He was the last man out last night. He is just an extraordinary character.

“I can already hear the whispers going around now about a potential Australian of the Year, here.”

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Nine News reporter Ben Avery in Chiang Rai told 3AW Breakfast the feeling was one of joy.

“Complete jubiliation, it was the result perhaps many weren’t expecting,” he said.

“All reunited, the 13 of them.

“They’ll be in hospital for seven days, with blood tests being sent off to Bangkok.”

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Former Thai Navy Seal Saman Kunan volunteered to help in the rescue mission and was tragically killed as a result.

“That’s something that needs to be remembered as well,” Ben said.

“His diving colleagues were hoping his death wouldn’t have been in vain, and luckily it wasn’t.”

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