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First homebuyers are being told to choose between city living or a backyard

Living in the city or having a backyard? First-time homebuyers will have to choose says NSW Premier Mike Baird.

The NSW Premier says if you want to live in or close to Sydney you’ll have to accept it’ll be in an apartment.

3AW’s Tony Jones set out to find homebuyers that are facing the same stark choice in Melbourne.

Mike McCarthy is the Director and CEO of Barry Plant Real Estate says there’s a degree of truth in what Mr Baird has said.

‘They’re very different cities,’ says McCarthy, ‘But there’s no doubt, the dream of growing up with a backyard where you can have a bit of backyard cricket and so on, which I did (many years ago), is getting more difficult to obtain in both Melbourne and Sydney.’

‘People have got some distinct choices,’ he tells 3AW Mornings.

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