FIRST ON 3AW: Neil Mitchell reveals Joe Buffone has quit as CFA’s chief fire officer


The CFA’s chief fire officer has quit due to the ongoing firefighter dispute.

Joe Buffone, one of Victoria’s most respected emergency services workers, has been in the role less than a year.

‘I understand he’s just resigned in disgust,’ Neil Mitchell revealed on Thursday.

The CFA confirmed the news shortly after.

‘We are all apparently ‘imagining’ there’s a crisis in the CFA, yet everyone who disagreed with Daniel Andrews is now gone,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘I think this is going to emerge as one of the great scandals in Victorian political history.

‘It is starting to smell.’

The Victorian Government claims Mr Buffone offered to withdraw his resignation, if it met a series of demands including equal status with the CEO and an $85,000 pay rise.

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The news rocked recently sacked CFA board member Michael Tudball.

‘I’m gutted,’ Mr Tudball told Neil Mitchell while holding back tears.

‘He’s a good, decent man.’

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