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First with Neil Mitchell: New TAC road safety ad

FIRST ON 3AW: The TAC is going back to the future in its latest road safety ad.

It’s a remake of a 1994 ad that features a modern-day VW four-wheel-drive, a drowsy driver, a front seat passenger and a passing truck.

But it’s trying to make a different sort of point.

TAC chief executive Joe Calafiore told 3AW Mornings the point was to highlight how far road safety had come in 20 years.

He said with all the technology available to drivers now, people in cars had far more chance of driving safely.

‘There’s no reason in the year 2015 that we can’t have a much greater level ambition in road safety than we did 20 years ago,’

Click PLAY below to hear Joe Calafiore explain more on 3AW Mornings.